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"It's Andi Morrow who steals the show (and your breath away)....her performance is raw and something magical to  behold."
-Misty Lane, Rogue Cinema

Morrow beautifully avoids all the pitfalls and sameness making a rich character study that gets under your skin and breaks your heart.

-Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

Filmmaker, Actress, & Writer Andi Morrow is clearly a triple threat.  She is a formidable actress who is able to believably portray a  range of emotional states.

-Jasmine Holly Bullock, UK Film Reviews

"Morrow's performance is one of cheeky bravado, masking a soul filled with wounds, crying out for attention yet repulsed by the notion of it." 
- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic
"Z is played naturally and beautifully by Andi Morrow, an actor from Tennessee who doesn’t seem to be acting at all."
- Scott R. Larson, Scott's Movies 

Andi Morrow stars in the award winning short film, HERE LIES JOE

Click here to watch it.

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