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'It’s Andi Morrow as “Z” who steals the show (and your breath) away. Her performance is raw and something magical to behold.'

       - Misty Lane, Rogue Cinema Review of HERE LIES JOE

'Andi Morrow gives a breathtaking performance as the seemingly aloof member of “Suicide Anonymous”, completely becoming Z.'

        - Reel Red Reviews, HERE LIES JOE


'Morrow is, at turns, impish and adorable with her slanted look at life...'

         -Mike's Film Talk review of HERE LIES JOE


"Morrow’s Z is the rebellious to the end persona, defiant to the last, yet beyond that extremely hurt and achingly vulnerable, and Morrow takes this and just emotes with passion and believability.'

          -'Here Lies Joe' review from ONE FILM FAN

















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